So Far From Home

"I'm watching airplanes as they fly by above, I want to go in and ride along."

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So Far From Home is about that post-vacation blues you can go through when you just got back from vacation.

You were in a special place, you had the time of your life and now, you’re home, feeling completely numb and asking yourself “What the hell am I doing with my life?”,

"What happened to this exciting life that I always dreamed of?". (In my case, it was a trip to Thailand that got me in that mood.)

The musical aspect of the song came a bit out of nowhere actually. I had this main guitar riff for a while (the one the song begins with) but, I never seemed able to turn it into a complete song. A bit out of boredom (and because I need to get outside more), I was just laying in the grass, watching clouds float and airplanes fly by. Suddenly, it popped into my head, the phrase ‘I’m watching airplanes, as they fly by above’.


As soon as I had this phrase, I rushed inside, took my guitar and the song came pretty much out of nowhere after that.

So Far From HomeBun
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