"I'm calling you cause I need some comforting words to..."

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The song Burnout is about a phone call I had with my dad last summer. I had been working too hard and crashed eventually. I called him because I knew he had gone through the same experience a few  times and because I wanted to hear his voice. It wasn't a depressing experience or something like that, it was just the body and mind that shut down for a while. Relaxing/resting was the only cure and has been a good thing in terms of refreshing my music library.

I had been listening to The Beatles a lot while I was resting and wanted to make a short catchy Pop/Rock song like the song Yesterday. After a few weeks of resting I picked up my guitar and started strumming. The lyrics and chords poured out of me and I think I wrote the entire structure and lyrics in about an hour. I got the idea to do the "na na na na" in the bridge based on the outro of Hey Jude by The Beatles. I wanted something in the song which everyone would be able to sing along, I noticed that things like "na na na" and "oh oh oh" work very well for this. The song turned out quite different than Yesterday by The Beatles but it was never my intention to make a copy anyway, it was just the idea that inspired me. 

Drums were played by session drummer Nate Barnes from Boulder (Colorado) in the u.s. Other instruments, writing, production and mix were done by Bun. The track was mastered by Brian Lucey from LA in his Magic Garden Mastering (Royal Blood, Greenday, Liam Gallagher, The Black Keys, Artic Monkeys, ...). The stunning videoclip and promo were done by In The Dark Films.

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