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Bun is the alter ego of Brecht Vanvyaene, Miava’s guitarist. This Belgian instrumental post-metal band was building up quite a name for itself, but unfortunately drummer Jelle died in an accident. In a split second, Brecht lost his best friend and his musical soul mate.


After a lot of soul searching, Brecht found joy in life and music again and started Bun, a new project that celebrates life with music best described as a mixture of nineties Britpop and Alternative Rock. (Miava also started up again with a new drummer and is working hard towards a second album right now.)


Only eleven months after the project started, Bun has already built up a good reputation. He has already released seven singles which are gaining him fans around the world. Those singles got a lot of possitive reviews as well as airplay on radio stations from around the world.


Willy, Studio Brussel, Radio 2, Classic 21 and many other radio stations played his songs. Two of his songs also got playlisted Spotify's New Music Friday BE. Burnout, the latest single , is on three Spotify editirial playlist at the moment, only one week after it's release!


Who knows how this story will unfold…!


We know one thing: good times await around the corner!