As I Sit Down And Watch The Rain

"Tonight I raise the bottle for you..."

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‘As I Sit Down And Watch The Rain’ is the eighth single that I released since I started one year ago in march 2020.

I wrote the lyrics to this song sitting in a taxi. I was on my way home from the best holiday I’ve ever had. The holiday itself was on a beautiful island in Thailand. I was there with a lot of my very good friends and close family. We were there for my sister’s wedding. The wedding night itself was amazing, getting drunk with the people that I love! But, there was one person missing. One who had a very important role in our tight friend group. His name was Jelle and he died five years ago in an accident. After the wedding, at an epic afterparty, we raised our drinks for Jelle who wasn’t with us but would have been otherwise. This inspired me to write the first sentence of the song ‘Tonight I raise the bottle for you’.

The videoclip was made by the amazing In The Dark Films and is a tribute to Jelle.

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